Careers That Demand No Experience

Careers That Demand No Experience

Do you want to work in data science, marketing, or even finance without experience? According to Glassdoor, these are some of the fastest growing careers where no experience is required. As a recent graduate, you may not realize that your lack of experience could be holding you back from starting your career. However, if you take a look at job openings today, it seems like employers are specifically looking for candidates who don’t have much experience. If you haven’t had a chance to enter the workforce yet, now is the time to start building your résumé and portfolio.

With companies like Netflix, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Salesforce, and Uber posting thousands of open positions, it’s clear that there are plenty of opportunities to get started in today’s economy. Read on to discover which jobs demand little or no experience and why they’re booming.

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Careers That Demand No Experience

Data Science

Job Description: A data scientist can use their technical background to create new models and algorithms that can be applied to various industries. These professionals typically come with quantitative backgrounds which means they do well when it comes to using data collected by businesses to make predictions. The salary varies widely depending on location but averages over $125K annually, according to

Why It Has Grown: Data science has become one of the hottest skillsets in the tech industry, with 1.4 million new openings created since 2015, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In fact, BLS estimates show that by 2024, about 7% of all jobs in America will require people to rely heavily on their computer expertise.


Job Description: An entry level marketing professional usually works directly under a manager or director of operations. This person should have good communication skills and be able to manage multiple priorities and projects simultaneously. Marketing specialists spend most of their time researching ways to generate leads and increase clientele. They also work closely with other employees such as customer service representatives, salespeople, and product managers. The average annual compensation for this position is around $43,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Why It Hasn’t Grown: As an occupation, many marketers believe that working as a manager instead of being an individual contributor would give them more flexibility and lead to higher pay. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. While certain industries are known for hiring high-paid managers in place of individuals, others only hire those roles because they prefer workers who work in teams.


Job Description: Finance specialists act as accountants for business owners. Their primary objective is to ensure financial stability for a company and its investors. These individuals often handle day-to-day transactions such as making payroll and paying bills. Most companies offer 401(k) programs through which their employees invest part of each paycheck into the stock market. The average annual income for someone working in this field ranges between $40,000-$75,000, according to Glassdoor.

Why It Has Grown: With growing concerns about retirement savings and the impact of technology on job markets, Americans continuously show interest in taking charge of their personal finances. And while some may still prefer traditional banking options, banks are becoming less popular in favor of online platforms, the likes of online casino operations or internet stores and so on. That means more employment opportunities in finance fields.


Job Description: Human resource professionals are responsible for everything from recruiting and training staff to managing employee benefits packages. This is a highly competitive line of work that requires strong organizational and leadership skills. HR specialists tend to earn larger salaries than other careers. They generally enjoy better health insurance plans too, compared to similar positions in different industries. According to, an HR specialist makes an average annual salary of over $63,000.

Why It Has Not Grown: Many employers report difficulties finding qualified candidates for these types of positions. For example, the United States Department of Labor reports an unemployment rate of 5.2%. This means employers are struggling to find skilled labor.



One of the biggest challenges people face when looking for jobs is that there are too many options. There’s no need to feel like you’re getting left behind by simply choosing one career path over another. Instead, consider how your background will benefit you as you embark on your new journey. You can explore any of the above career paths without feeling overwhelmed and confident that they’ll fit well with your life goals.




How do you know if a career is right for you?

It isn’t simply enough to say that “I like what I am doing now’. You need to consider why you choose your current profession and where it will take you over the course of your life. This is just as important today as it was when our grandparents started out.

Does having few years of experience matter?

In general, having fewer years of experience doesn’t mean you won’t find employment. However, employers don’t want to see too much inexperience. Candidates with less experience are likely to be flexible about starting new assignments or moving into other departments.

Is there anything wrong with going back to school?

Going back to school can be a great way to improve your knowledge and advance your career options. Many students go back to college after gaining work experience. Others look for degree courses that will help them develop new skills while they continue working full-time.